Government Benefit Planning

The government has a range of retirement programs for retirees, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and veterans' benefits.

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As you prepare to exit the active working scene, knowing how the various government benefits can affect your retirement is important. For instance, did you know that you can join the Medicare program and still retain your retirement benefits?

Medicare is just one of the many government programs that we evaluate and incorporate into your individualized retirement plan. We also evaluate Social Security and when you should start drawing these benefits. In addition, we incorporate Medicaid and veterans’ benefits planning as well.

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*Voyageur Financial, LLC, d.b.a. Voyageur Advisory Group is not affiliated with any federal or state governmental entity, including the Social Security Administration, Veteran’s Association, Medicare or Medicaid. Any advice regarding these and other programs will be provided by only professionals with the proper knowledge, experience and licensing required. 

Government benefits eligibility and planning might be a bit puzzling. At Voyageur, we answer all your queries on government benefits and how to maximize their value.

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