Nursing Home Protection

We work our entire lives to provide a better opportunity for ourselves and our families. We do this for 30-40+ years with the anticipation of finally having the time, and just as important the money, to enjoy our retirement years. However, as many of us are finding out the hard way, our dreams do not always coincide with our reality.

Doctor helping to retired man, getting up from sofa
Nursing home protection costs are high and are bound to go even higher due to the rise in cost and living standards. Nursing homes may deplete your life savings fast with research pointing to a $100,000 hole in your pocket annually.

Our retirement planners will show you how to protect your life savings. We will show you how to protect against the nursing home spend-down and the possibility of long-term care.

Elderly loving couple traveling in car on vacation. They are looking on a map for direction.

In a nursing home already? This is what we call Crisis Mode. Our retirement planners can help you in this situation as well.

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