Tax Planning

Tax planning is the process of projecting the tax obligations that could result from various investment strategies and implementing a course of action to diminish those obligations. A significant concern when deciding how and where to invest retirement money, and maybe more importantly, how to cash it in, is the tax consequences associated with these monies.

Voyageur Tax Services is designed to help clients throughout the planning process to minimize tax liabilities and ensure financial stability.

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Throughout our lives, the one thing that has and will always hold true is the fact that no matter how much money we make, the government will get its share. This is one of those absolute truths in life that is virtually undeniable. However, the amount of opulence that our government will take from us is often determined by how we position ourselves and how we proactively prepare.

Proper tax planning can reduce the amount of tax liability we have on an ongoing basis. Once a client and the retirement planner determine the best investment strategy, a tax projection is prepared by one of our tax professionals. This tax projection helps the client and retirement planner make a more informed decision. Some of these strategies can be extremely complex; therefore, we include this service as part of comprehensive estate planning.

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Our Tax Services can help plan and prepare not only your personal, federal, and state tax returns but your trust tax returns as well.

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