Strategic Partners

As Team Based Model Consultants, we help CPAs and Accountants:

  • Reduce the risks that come from referring clients to third parties
  • Reduce the risk of losing clients by being more proactive in planning and services
  • Provide more value and increase client satisfaction
  • Expand their “brain-trust” by working with some of the country’s best specialists
  • Increase organic growth by giving clients a story worth sharing with family and friends

“The economic conditions over the last 5-10 years have created a serious demand for CPAs to become much more proactive and act as the ‘trusted business advisor’ for their clients. The majority of CPAs and Accountants aren’t able to keep up with these shifting demands in addition to all of the tax law changes. As a Team Based Model Consultant, our team can help with this new reality.”

Message from Aaron J. Maassel, Team Based Model Consultant

Learn more about how this partnership could benefit you.

This video was produced by one of Voyageur Advisory Group's Strategic patners. Take an inside look at how a Strategic Partnership with Voyageur Advisory Group could benefit you and your accounting firm.

A partnership with Voyageur Advisory Group helps CPAs and accountants deliver more value to their clients by offering more comprehensive and proactive planning.

In this financially complicated world, individuals, families and business owners are facing ever growing complexities with the rules, regulations and overall burdens being imposed upon them. More often than not, the CPA or Accountant is looked upon by these parties as the "Most Trusted" advisor. People are relying upon the CPA/Accountant to advise them on how to navigate these intricate issues, while at the same time, keeping their fees as low as possible. If you are like many tax professionals, you may be feeling swamped with these issues and the constant pressure of finding solutions for your clients in a way that compensates you for your efforts and leaves you with enough time to enjoy life.

So what is the solution?

The old, outdated referral method is simply too risky, as you have no control over what happens once that client leaves your office. Even if the client receives good advice from that referral, rarely does that translate into a benefit to the tax firm. The prospect of obtaining all the necessary licenses and certifications necessary to advise clients on the myriad of issues is impossible for any one person or firm to handle effectively.

So again, what is the solution??

At Voyageur Advisory Group we function as Team Based Model Consultants, acting as the CPA and Accountant's advisor in crafting solutions to meet your client's needs through the strategic partnerships that we have developed and maintain. No longer does the CPA or Accountant need to keep an ever-growing rolodex of professional contacts to refer clients to. No longer do you as the CPA/Accountant need to send those clients out your door and not be involved in the solution to their problem. Through a strategic relationship with Voyageur Advisory Group, we bring the power of our brain trust to you and your clients resulting in more satisfied clients and higher revenues to you, the Most Trusted Advisor.

Are you interested in exploring if this relationship is right for you? Please reach out to us and one of our Team Based Model Consultants will be in touch to explain how this partnership could transform your business.